Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thank you FuXia's mom, for your kind words...

Happiness.  It's all we ever want for these kids, and back in the day, FuXia and TianYou were 2 kids that we thought were far from having their own families.   But look at them today. Reading Anna's posts, and keeping track of what the boys are up to in life, is a wonderful reminder for us to always have hope that our Blue Sky kids will all eventually get picked by families. 

It's the wait that is the hardest for all of us, especially the older children.  Just yesterday, Maria and Celine told our current oldest boy at Blue Sky, that he had a family coming for him soon.  He is unimaginably happy.  Then they had to break the news to MinYuan, who is 6 yrs old, and has not yet been matched with a family.  After they told him, he hung his head down, and just cried. 
For those of us who know this little boy, he has such a brilliant mind, and is very aware of his situation. Which perhaps, makes it all the more heartbreaking.  He gets lots of love at Blue Sky, but it's just not the same, and he knows it. 

treasure in a field: cycling: I've written on more than one occasion that there is so much to say of our sons that is good or strong in them because of love poured out u...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FuXia taking his first steps !

Many of you know FuXia from the 5.5 years he spent at Blue Sky, before joining his adoptive family in the summer of 2010.  We are so proud and happy to share this video that his parents took of him walking his first steps after corrective surgery and therapy over the last year.  
The Caudills are such an amazing family and we are so thankful that they have given FuXia and TianYou (whom you can see slapping his daddy's behind in the video) such a wonderful loving life to thrive in.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Outing to Chaoyang Park

20th April 2012 - After a long winter, what better way to welcome Spring than to have a picnic at Chao Yang Park. The weather was not in our favor though; it was a cold and foggy morning but it certainly did not dampen our spirits. Blue Sky was abuzz with excitement early in the morning and the children waited in anticipation for the outing that they had been waiting for quite some time. 

We flew kites, admired cherry blossoms, went on joy rides and enjoyed our picnic amidst the beautiful blossoms. It was indeed a refreshing Spring outing. The joy on the children's faces explained it all and we could not ask for more. 

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happiness amidst some sadness....

What a week it's been for us at Blue Sky....
Starting with the not so good news.... we did not win our battle with an orphanage to have Xiao Bin remain in Blue Sky's care until his next cranial-facial surgery.  Xiao Bin, who turns 4 years old this October,  had major cranial and hand repair surgery in Singapore in 2010, and has been progressing so beautifully with physical therapy for his hands, general development, and even attended kindergarten.  His orphanage required him to return, despite our pleadings and doctor's letters that he will thrive better in our home, and still needs constant monitoring for his condition.  The event has reminded us that the children are still wards of the State Orphanage, and are not ours.  Though, we feel they are.  So it breaks our hearts to lose them so easily.  We will try to keep monitoring him while he is in their care, and hopefully the staff will be responsive to our requests for information.  His adoption paperwork is apparently processed and he is "available", so we can only hope that he will be chosen soon by a family.  Below are pictures taken the day before Xiao Bin left last week.  He is pictured with Xin Le.

Double whammy for one little guy.... First, we are so happy to announce that Xin Le has been matched with a family for adoption !  He will hopefully join them once all the paperwork is in order. This is amazing news for a little boy that came to Blue Sky in March 2010 at 8 months old, for clubbed feet repair.  We discovered after a few months at Blue Sky, that he wasn't responding to sounds, and tests confirmed that he was deaf.  It was suggested that he could be a candidate for a cochlear implant, but it was just too expensive for Blue Sky to afford.  Miraculously, a group of local volunteers decided to specifically raised funds for XinLe and in January this year, he had the hearing device installed.  He has been going for therapy after the surgery, and sounds are slowly being introduced to him.  The success rate of the surgery was less than 20%...
Second, this video shot on 4th April says it all.... and you cannot imagine how it felt for some of us to see this....

If the video doesn't work, see it here:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blue Sky Alumni updates !

WenJie (our famous "sumo wrestler" on our website) - was our 5th baby at Blue Sky arriving at age 8 months old (in 2004), and leaving Blue Sky at almost 4 years old.
"Here is a recent shot of our Wen, who, at a B-day party, is wearing a faux moustache! He is now 8 years old, and has so many friends. He is enjoying reading & knitting, & is a little soccer star." Wen's mom. 

Libbie (Dang Xiao) - "Tania and the Loving Staff of Blue Sky,
Let me start by saying that Libbie (Dang Xiao, adopted July 5, 2010) is a true gift to us, thanks to the loving care she received from you.
As you probably remember, Libbie could not walk as her knees were dislocated. Also her feet were clubbed. Since bringing her home in July 2010, she has had  5 surgeries and is WALKING! She (and we), couldn't be happier.
I have attached some photos of us and Libbie."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our blog is back in action !

Deepest apologies to our blog readers for not having updated the blog since 2010!  Rest assured that Blue Sky is still busy in operation! Since 2010 (and Xiao Bin's successful surgery in Singapore), we've had several new babies come through our doors, and several lovelies leaving us to their adoptive families abroad.  There's never a dull moment at Blue Sky, and we are also very blessed to have a wonderful team of volunteers to support our local staff. 
Xin Le  Dec 2012
Latest news since our last 2011 Year End newsletter is that Xin Le underwent a successful surgery to install a cochlear implant device for his deafness.  His surgery was sponsored by Ms Shi Wei Yu and her friends at a cost of more than 200000 RMB.  We are so thankful to them for their efforts to fundraise for him through a concert held in December 2011.  Xin Le is now undergoing therapy to get used to the new device and to slowly see if it help him to hear. 
Snack time !  Dec 2012

So bear with us, as over the next few weeks, we shall be actively blogging and updating you on all things Blue Sky !  We will keep our facebook posts for the more important announcements and updates, as we know that frequent posts can be annoying for many.

Thanks everyone for all your support through the years.  We are coming up to our 8th anniversary soon !  Stay tuned !

Monday, June 14, 2010

XiaoBin is ready to go back to Beijing !

2 weeks post-surgery, and our little guy is ready to head home.  At his follow-up appointment today with Dr Yeow (Cranial surgeon) and Prof Teoh (Orthopedic surgeon), both are happy with his recovery and approved his return to Beijing, where we just need to do wound care.  XiaoBin and his nanny will leave Singapore on Thursday morning.  Thanks to everyone who has been involved in his care, especially Dr Yeow and his team.  Thanks also to fans of XiaoBin who have visited him, played with him and made him feel so welcome here. 

Picture on the right is after the staples were removed today. 

His hands now have 3 "fingers" each...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Checked out of hospital !

Xiao Bin has been recovering well and has been released from the hospital.  He had his hand bandages removed for the first time on Monday, and the orthopedic team are happy with the healing.  They are re-bandaged again for another week.  His skull is also healing well and the drainage tubes have been removed.  Xiao Bin is almost back to normal and can already walk, talk and play.  Only his eyes are still a little swollen.  He will have follow-up appointments on Friday (skull)  and next Monday (hands), and till then shall be resting at home with his playmates, Sasha and Giulia. 
Pictures taken on Sunday (day before he was released), and Bin was so happy to see Sasha and Giulia.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4 in High Dependancy Ward

Much of the swelling has gone down, and he's becoming more alert.  He's already throwing his legs in the air, and today even managed to sit up for a short while.  They are slowly taking him off intravenous painkillers, and he has already started to feed on a little milk.  So all good signs to a steady recovery.  Tomorrow he should be transferred to a regular ward for a few more days, before being released next week !  Go Bin Go !
Thank you to everyone that has been thinking of him, praying for him and sending him positive energy ! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of ICU !

XiaoBin has finally been transferred out of ICU after 2 full days.  He is now in the high dependency ward for a day or 2, before he will be transferred finally to regular ward.  His head, as expected, has swollen so much that he can't open his eyes.  But he's a strong little guy. Still on heavy medications and is mostly drowsy. 

Monday, May 31, 2010

Recovering in ICU

After an 11-hour surgery, XiaoBin is now recovering in ICU.  This is a critical time for him. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

XiaoBin checks into hospital !

XiaoBin is all set for surgery on Monday morning ! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers ! I will post updates on this blog, so please check back.
Thanks !
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Xiao Bin in Singapore

After arriving on May 3rd 2010 from Beijing, Xiao Bin missed his first surgery date, due to a wheezy cough.  The next available surgery date is May 31st, and we are finally a few days away.... XiaoBin is in excellent health at the moment, and we are crossing fingers till then. 
It is estimated that his surgery will last more than 7 hours.  Following cranial surgery with neurological and plastic surgeons, the orthopedic team will reconstruct his webbed hands.  Recovery in hospital is expected to be for at least a week, and Xiao Bin will most likely need to stay another 3 weeks before getting the final ok to go back to Beijing.
ShuHua, his nanny from Blue Sky, has been taking great care of him while in Singapore.  It has been HOT and HUMID, but both are always smiling and cheerful.  They have been staying home most of the time, because he was recovering from his cough, and now we are just being extra careful that he doesn't fall sick before the surgery.  As you can see in the picture, he did have a little outing at the beach, and on most days, he's playing with Sasha and Giulia at home.  He's a very good natured kid, and only fusses when it's time to sleep !